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Team New Zealand

Team New Zealand is the name given to our national representative cheerleading teams. It is an honour and a privilege to be selected to the national team which brings opportunities to compete at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships and other ICU sanctioned international events. Supported by the NZCA, Team New Zealand has a tradition of excellence achieving many top 3 finishes and 3 world titles. Below is a complete list of Team New Zealand cheer results since the ICU World Cheerleading Championships first began in 2005:

  • 2005: Silver, Team Cheer

  • 2006:

  • 2007:

  • 2008:

  • 2009: Bronze, Cheer Group Stunt & Bronze Coed Elite Team Cheer

  • 2010: Bronze, Coed Elite Team Cheer

  • 2011: Bronze, All Girl Elite Team Cheer

  • 2012: Silver, All Girl Elite Team Cheer & Silver, Coed Elite Team Cheer

  • 2013: Did not attend

  • 2014: Gold, All Girl Elite Team Cheer & Gold, Coed Elite Team Cheer

  • 2015: Gold, All Girl Elite Team Cheer

  • 2016: Silver, All Girl Elite Team Cheer

  • 2017: Did not attend

  • 2018: Silver, All Girl Elite. Bronze, Junior All Girl Advanced & Coed Elite

  • 2019-2022: Did not attend (2020-2022 Due to Covid Restrictions)

In 2023 New Zealand intends to take multiple teams to compete in the ICU World Cheerleading Championships. 

We have completed selection for Junior Advanced All-Girl, All Girl Elite and Coed Elite. these were carried over from 2020 as they did not get the chance to compete due to COVID travel restrictions.

We are taking applications from member gyms to fill the remaining divisions.

Please fill in the form linked HERE to apply.

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